2011 Presentations

All presentations are provided in PDF form.

Wednesday October 26, 2011

Session 1: Kathleen McShane Memorial Lecture – Update on Diabetes

Session 2a: Pain Management in Family Medicine

Session 2b: Sleep Medicine

Session 3a: Lactose Intolerance and Its Unintended Health Consequences

Session 3b: m-Health: The Use of Smart Phones in Medicine

Session 4a: Nephrolithiasis – Evaluation and Management

Session 4b: Osteoporosis: An Overview

Session 5a: Podiatry for the Family Physician: When to Treat/When to Refer

Session 5b: Botanical Supplements – Integrative Medicine in Primary Care

Session 6: Coding Interactive Seminar


Thursday October 27, 2011

Session 1: Radiologic “Incidentalomas”

Session 2a: Rheumatologic Tests – When to Order and What They Mean

Session 2b: A Family Physician’s Journey Through the Patient-Centered Medical Home (Physicians & Office Staff)

Session 3a: Hand Disorders in Primary Care Part 1

Session 3a: Hand Disorders in Primary Care Part 2

Session 3b: The Links Between Family Violence and Animal Abuse: Implications for the Medical Professions (State-Mandated CME)

Session 4a: When to Start and Stop Screening

Session 4b: Health Care Evolution: Patient Centered Medical Home to Clinical Integration & Accountable Care

Session 5a: Concussion: What It Is and What It Isn’t

Session 5b: What’s New in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (State-Mandated CME)

Session 6: Plays for Living – “Facilitating Health Aging and Taking Them Out of their Home”