The officers of the Connecticut Academy of Family Physicians would like to hear from members about issues of concern. Please feel free to contact officers, staff members, or AAFP Delegates.

Emmanuel Kenta-Bibi, MD

Kathleen Mueller, MD

Yadira Acevedo, MD

Khuram Ghumman, MD

Executive Vice President
Mark Schuman
P.O. Box 30, Bloomfield, CT 06002
Office: (860)243-3977; (800)600-CAFP; Fax: (860)286-0787

Deputy Vice President
Mary Yokose
P.O. Box 30, Bloomfield, CT 06002
Office (860)243-3977; (800)600-CAFP; Fax: (860)286-0787


Timothy Fignar, MD
(Immediate Past President)

Stacy Taylor
(Past President at Large)

Ross Winakor, MD
(Past President at Large)

Ayaz Madraswalla, MD
(Past President at Large)

Edmund Kim, MD

Robert Cushman, MD

Andy Parad, MD

Rochelle Collins, DO

Katherine Marcello, MD

Mellisa Pensa, MD

Judy Chiu, DO

Christina Shenko, MD

Joseph Zell, DO


Endowment Committee
Craig Czarsty, M.D., Chair

Family Medicine Development Task Force
Fonda Gravino, M.D.
Sachin Parekh, M.D.

Legislative and Public Affairs Committee
Andrea Needleman, M.D., Co-Chair
Stacy Taylor, MD., Co-Chair

Program Committee
Sandra Hughes, M.D., Chair

Scope of Practice
David Howlett, M.D., Chair

Delegates to the AAFP Congress of Delegates

Domenic Casablanca, M.D.

Kathleen Mueller, M.D.

Alternate Delegates to the AAFP Congress of Delegates

Robert Carr, M.D.

Fonda Gravino, M.D.

Residency Directors & Chairs of Family Medicine

Henry Yoon, MD
Family Practice Residency, Stamford Hospital

Kenia Mansilla-Rivera, MD, Director
Department of Family Medicine, UConn/St. Francis Hospital

Alan Douglass, M.D., Director
Family Practice Residency Program, Middlesex Hospital

Cesar Fuentes, MD, MPH, Program Director
Eastern Connecticut Family Medicine Residency Program @ Manchester Memorial Hospital

David Henderson, MD
UConn School of Medicine

H. Andrew Selinger, MD
Frank H. Netter School of Medicine

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