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2018 Legislative Summary

2018 Legislative Preview


House Bill 5129 – An Act Concerning the Administration of Vaccines by Pharmacists and Medical Assistants and the Listing of Certified Medical Assistants and Senate Bill 67 – An Act Concerning the Authority and Responsibilities of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Senate Bill 433 – An Act Concerning Standards and Requirements for Health Carriers’ Provider Networks and Contracts between Health Carriers and Participating Providers


CAFP Statement in opposition to Governor’s Senate Bill 36

CAFP Statement in support of House Bill 5345 – An Act Concerning Cooperative Health Care Arrangements


Statement in Oppostion to House Bill 6391 – An Act Concerning the Practice of Advance Practice Registered Nurses

Statement in Support of House Bill 6687 – An Act Concerning Certificates of Merit

Statement in Support of Senate Bill 990 – An Act Concerning Smoking Policies and Prohibiting Smoking in Certain Areas

Statement Concerning Raised Bill 6525 – An Act Concerning a Childhood Obesity Task Force

Statement in Support of House Bill 6431- An Act Concerning Cooperative Health Care Arrangements

Statement in Support of Proposed Bill 446 – An Act Concerning Health Insurance Coverage and Tort Reform


2012 Legislative Recap

2012 Testimony