2017 Scientific Symposium Presentations

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Session 1 – BMI: Bariatric Medicines In-Depth – Timothy Fignar, MD
Session 2A – The Usefulness of Capsule Endoscopy – David Hass, MD
Session 2B – What’s New in the Treatment of Diabetes? – Egils Bogdanovics, MD
Session 3A – The Spectrum of Gall Bladder Disease – Rebecca Kowalski, MD
Session 3B – Managing Bipolar Disorder in Primary Care – Lori Calabrese, MD
Session 4A – All the Fright We Cannot See: Recognizing & Responding to Trauma – Heather Forkey, MD
Session 4B – Abnormal Uterine Bleeding – Molly Brewer, MD
Session 5A – Cardiovascular Risk Profiling – Anita Kelsey, MD
Session 5B – Infectious Disease – Michael Parry, MD
Session 6 – Ten Best Things I have Learned in the Past Year – Frank Domino, MD

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Session 1 – Pediatric Lessons Learned in a Community ED – Karen Santucci, MD
Session 2A – Changing Shape of Sleep Studies – James O’Brien, MD
Session 2B – Motivational Interviewing  – Steve Marino, PhD
Session 3A – Cancer Survivorship  – Miklos Fogarasi, MD
Session 3B – Barriers to Childhood Immunization: Addressing Common Prenatal Concerns Regarding Vaccine-Preventable Disease – Teresa Domack, MD
Session 4 – A Nutritional Approach to IBS and other issues – Kathleen Mueller, MD
Session 5A – Hepatitis C  – Lisa Chirch, MD
Session 5B – Addressing Dx Error – Mark Graber, MD
Session 6 – Multidisciplinary Pain Management & Novel Approaches Beyond Opioids – Ofer Wellisch, MD