Wednesday, October 21

Session 1 – Ten Best Things I Learned – Frank Domino, M.D.
Session 2A – Sleepless Nights: Evaluating and Treating Insomnia – Kathleen Mueller, M.D.
Session 2B – Emerging Infectious Disease – Michael Parry, M.D.
Session 3A – Opioid Prescribing for the Scared Physician – Dean Mariano, D.O.
Session 3B – HTN and HL Changes for 2015 – Anita Kelsey, M.D.
Article 1 to accompany live presentation
Article 2 to accompany live presentation
Session 4A – We Are All Dying: How to Plan for It – Anne Brewer, M.D.
Session 4B – Travel Medicine – Ken Dardick, M.D.
Session 5A – Pediatric GI “Poop-pourri” Gluten, Constipation & Reflux – Wael Sayej, M.D.
Session 5B – Multiple Disciplines for Optimal Outcomes – Joel Bauman, M.D.
Multiple Disciplines for Optimal Outcomes– Jonathan Kost, M.D.
Session 6 – CSI Dermatology – Meaghan McCusker, M.D.

 Thursday, October 22

Session 1 – The Lump in the Neck – David Boisoneau, M.D.
Session 2A – I’m Just Like Everyone Else, Only Different”: Advances in Autism – Ann Milanese, M.D.
Session 2B – How to Deal with a Difficult Patient – Jed Beaulier
Session 3A – The World is Getting Bigger! How to Treat Pediatric Obesity – Timothy Fignar, M.D.
Session 3B – Transitional Care Codes – Robert Carr, M.D.
Session 4A –Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Morris Papernik, M.D.
Session 4B – ADHD: The Energy to Accomplish Anything, the Focus to Accomplish Nothing – Kim Brownell, M.D.
Session 5A – Testosterone Therapy: Myth vs. Reality – Fadi Al-Khayer, M.D.
Session 5B – Geriatric Pearls – Roy Zagieboylo, M.D.
Session 6 – Different Etiologies of Leg Pain in Children – Karen Santucci, M.D.