Tar Wars is a one-hour classroom presentation requiring minimal preparation and follow-up. The program can be implemented at any time during the school year, and the scripted lesson plan can be easily incorporated into your classroom’s daily curriculum. Download the free Tar Wars Program Guide.

During the classroom presentation, students will engage in a series of six interactive activities designed to increase their knowledge of the short-term effects of tobacco use, help them identify reasons why people use tobacco products, and prompt them to think critically about tobacco advertising. Guest speakers, such as family physicians and other health care professionals from your community, can be invited to present Tar Wars to your classroom. You may also choose to have your school nurse present the program or include it as part of wellness week or health fair activities.

Tar Wars is consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Tobacco Control Program goal areas and is one of the building blocks in a comprehensive tobacco prevention education plan.