Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Session 1 – Psoriasis in the Primary Care Setting – Meaghan McCusker, M.D.
Session 2A – Infectious Disease – Michael Parry, M.D.
Session 2B – Red Eye – Raji Mulukutla, M.D.
Session 3A – Resistant Hypertension – Andrew Bomback, M.D.
Session 3B – Alphabet Soup of Diabetes Treatment Options – Egils Bogdanovics, M.D.
Session 4 – DPC…It’s Not Just A Fad – Jeffrey Gold, M.D.
Session 5 – The Undeniable Truth about the Drug Epidemic in the 21st Century – Bob Stutman

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Session 1 – Burnout in Medicine – Kathleen Mueller, M.D.
Session 2A – Updates in Women’s Health – Charlene Li, M.D.
Session 2B – Primary Care Office of the Future Part I & II – Thomas Agresta, M.D.
Session 3A – Acute Sinusitus – David Boisoneau, M.D.
Session 4A – Choosing Wisely when Caring for the Elderly – Leo Cooney, M.D.
Session 4B – Testosterone Therapy: Myth vs. Reality – Fadi Al-Khayer, M.D.
Session 5A – C. diff colitis – New Treatment Options – Paul Feuerstadt, M.D.
Session 5B – A Practical Approach to Oral Health Issues Across the Life Span – Hugh Silk, M.D.
Session 6 – The Ten Best Things I Learned in the Past Year – Frank Domino, M.D.